Events at BSB

Events at your community-owned independent bookstore: Not just for book signings anymore!

Book clubs? Storytimes? Knitting groups? Writing workshops? Tutoring? Tabletop roleplaying games? Photo shoots? So many possibilities...

At Buffalo Street Books, we invite authors, creatives, teachers, students, homeschoolers, libraries, nonprofits, businesses, and the rest of the Ithaca community to propose events in alignment with our mission

Please fill out our easy-to-use Event Request Form, which allows us to keep everyone's requests and materials organized, at least six weeks before the date you're hoping to reserve. We cannot promise to get back to you within 14 days without the form or without this advance notice. 

Please review our Events FAQ page before committing to our events process. Publishing houses, please email our event coordinator directly. 

A note on books:

All sales for your event must go through Buffalo Street Books. We are happy to ensure timely arrival of your books before your event either by ordering from our distributor, or by helping you through the consignment process! If we cannot get the book from our distributor, however, and you do not wish to consign, we regretfully cannot host your event.

And a final, friendly reminder: Don't give away copies of your book! You worked hard to write it and get it published; please urge your friends and family to support your success by buying their copy through a local independent bookstore so you can get your royalties and indie bookstores can stay open.

A note on scheduling:

While we prefer to host events during our normal business hours, we also understand that time is a human construct and that our hours may not be conducive to your intended audience. Please ask, and know that we will strive to be flexible for you.

As you consider the time and date for your event, we suggest that it end at least an hour before our closing time that day, so that participants can have time to mingle and chat afterwards.  

Please review our hours of operation here.

A note on expectations:

Planning an event is a collaborative project that requires an investment of time and effort from both you and us.

As the hosting partner, our duties almost always include all of the following:

  • ordering or consigning adequate quantities of your book, or relevant titles for non-author events
  • creating a special page on our website for your event
  • designing an event graphic
  • announcing your event across our social media platforms and newsletters
  • creating an Eventbrite page and announcing it to a target audience
  • assisting with press connections
  • pitching your event, distributing promotional materials, and handselling your book to customers
  • transporting books and materials off-site if necessary
  • setting up & breaking down the event space, in-store or off-site
  • coordinating any technology (such as setting up a virtual event, livestreaming or projection)
  • welcoming you and audience members and introducing your event
  • selling books before and after your event
  • coordinating any other day-of logistics
  • ensuring that you receive consignment monies

As the presenting partner, we expect that you:

  • provide all required information and materials in the Event Request Form (excerpts, cover art, headshots, etc.)
  • arrange for your conversation partner, or let us know if you need help finding one
  • plan for audience engagement or activities
  • print and distribute flyers, postcards, bookmarks, pins, and any other promotional materials around town
  • hype the event and Buffalo Street Books on your social media accounts
  • provide marketing materials to your agent or publisher for them to promote the event and BSB on their social media platforms
  • commit to reaching at least 30 people with your publicity and urge them to support BSB through the event.

A note on virtual events:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Buffalo Street Books, like all other bookstores, transitioned to virtual author events. Although we now primarily focus on in-person events, we are still open to hosting virtual events. Please complete the event request form for information about our virtual event policies.

And again, please review our Events FAQ page before committing to our events process. 

We look forward to working with you to create a wonderful event!