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Buffalo Street Books
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Buffalo Street Books supports our local authors and is happy to provide a home for books published through alternative sources. When your book is self-published, or published by a company that we do not do business with, we will work directly with you to sell your book on consignment.

Please email ahead and ask to schedule a time to come in with your book. These can be in person, or over the phone. If over the phone, please send via email a digital copy (preferably a .pdf) of your book in advance so we can see the covers and content prior to your appointment.

Please download and read our consignment packet, located at the bottom of this page, ahead of time and before you schedule a meeting. Included are a full list of terms, consignment agreement, and tips for success! Having a meeting does not guarantee that your book will be accepted for consignment.

Books to be considered for consignment must meet the following criteria:

1. Be the type of book we would normally stock for our customers.
2. Have an ISBN, barcode, and price printed on the book.
3. Title and author printed on the spine.
4. No spiral bindings
5. No advertising on the book that references other sellers (i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.)
6. Must be for sale at the same price at all outlets (i.e. cannot be $15 in store but available online for $11.)

When you consign your books with us, Buffalo Street Books will:

  • Place your book for sale in our Local & Self-Published author section, alphabetized by author so it can be easily found in our store. The placement and display of your book inside our store is at our discretion.

  • Track sales of your book using our inventory system.

  • Call you when we need more copies.

  • Issue a check for the amount of copies sold, and remove your books from sale, at the end of the 6 month consignment period.*

* Note: If your book sells well within your initial 6 month consignment period, and both you and Buffalo Street Books agree, we will extend the consignment period for another 6 months. We will contact you at the end of each 6 month consignment period, but it is your responsibility to pick up any unsold books at the end of your consignment agreement. Any books left beyond the consignment period will be donated. We will only pay for books that sell. Damaged or stolen items are your sole financial responsibility.

If you would like Buffalo Street Books to carry your book on consignment, here’s what you must agree to do:

  • Pay Buffalo Street Books a $25, non-refundable consignment handling fee.

  • Leave between 2 and 5 copies for sale at Buffalo Street Books.

  • Accept the standard 60/40 publishing industry terms.

  • Offer your book at the same retail price through all outlets (including copies you might sell yourself).

  • Include the fact that your book is available at Buffalo Street Books in any and all of your marketing and advertising and add a link on your website, if you have one, to It is important for you to remember that marketing is up to you.

  • Pick up any unsold copies of your book at the end of the 6 month consignment and no later than two months after, understanding that any books left past the two month hold time will be donated by the bookstore.

* Note: If you wish to extend your initial 6 month consignment fee for an additional six months, there will be another $25 fee. Authors who have sold ten or more copies during the six month period will have the re-consignment fee waived.

Buffalo Street Books reserves the right to refuse any book proffered for consignment deemed unsuitable for sale in the store. We will not accept unsolicited books sent by mail, nor will those be returned unless the author provides payment for shipping. We ask that you respect our final decisions, as well as the time used to make them, and we will extend the same respect to you.

Thanks for thinking of your local bookstore!

Contact Ivy with any questions:

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