BSB Ownership

What does it mean to be an owner?

Being an owner of Buffalo Street Books means you have purchased a share of the bookstore. Owners are allowed to vote in elections for the co-op's Executive Board and in certain referenda on major co-op policy decisions. They are also eligible for patronage dividend in fiscal years the co-op operates at a net profit.

Who and what is the Executive Board?

The Executive Board is a group of cooperative owners who are elected to represent the interests of the general ownership and provide financial oversight. The board is currently made up of nine members, serving staggered terms of three years. The duties of the board members include:

  • attend monthly board meetings
  • review budget and make financial decisions
  • hire and conduct performance reviews for general manager
  • advise general manager on operations, including buying and hiring
  • on occasion, contribute financially to gifts or events (no one will be expected to contribute if this presents a hardship)
  • lend individual expertise (fundraising, event planning, tech support, etc.)
  • support store programming, events, and community engagement
The 2020 Executive Board:

Sara Catterall
Dianne Dietrich
Eleanor Henderson
Michelle Nolan
Amy Reading
Jen Tennant
Rob Vanderlan
Lesley Williamson
Sharon Yntema

Inquiries to the Executive Board can be directed to

When and where does the Executive Board meet?

The Executive Board meets monthly (more often when necessary or in times of crisis) in addition to the annual owners meeting.

Are board meetings open to the general ownership?

All board meetings are open to the general ownership. Portions of some board meetings are held in executive session when necessary, and these portions of the meetings are not open to the general ownership.

When is the Annual Meeting?

The Annual Owners Meeting is normally scheduled for April of each year.

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